Isn't he cute? Quincy is a little alien thing, inspired by my friend. My friend used the same pattern (or I should say, I used the same pattern as her, since she knit hers first), and knit her little alien out of pastel blue yarn and named him Hugo. Now, there is a distinct difference between Quincy and Hugo. You see, Hugo has no eyes, but Quincy has little button eyes. They are both equally adorable. I'm going to knit my brother one next, and he will be named Bartholomew (Bartholomew's going to be purple). So enjoy this little pattern. It's real quick, and only takes about two hours from casting on to sewing on the button eyes.

Needles: 4 DPN, any size. It really doesn't matter as long as the yarn weight corresponds.
Yarn: Again, just make sure it corresponds with your yarn.
*I used size 3/3.25mm needles and baby weight yarn, and Quincy turned out about 4" high*

Pattern :)
*I highly recommend using a marker because it does get confusing as to which round you're on*

CO3 sts, distribute among needles (1 st on each needle)

Round 1: *Kfb* (6 st)
Round 2: *Kfb* (12 st)
Round 3: *K1, Kfb* (18 st)
Round 4: *K2, Kfb* (24 st)
Round 5: *K3, Kfb* (30 st)

K ten rounds

Round 1: *K3, K2tog* (24 st)
Round 2: *K2, K2tog* (18 st)
Round 3: *K1, K2tog* (12 st)

stuff head

K three rounds

Round 1: *K1, Kfb* (18 st)
Round 2: K
Round 3: *K2, Kfb* (24 st)

K eight rounds

Round 1: *K2, K2tog* (18 st)
Round 2: *K1, K2 tog* (12 st)
Round 3: *K2tog* (6 st)

Stuff (should be fairly stiff)
Pull yarn through remaining sts and fasten off. Weave in ends

Feet (make 2)
CO3 sts, distribute among needles (1 st on each needle)

Round 1: *Kfb* (6 st)
Round 2: *Kfb* (12 st)

K two rounds

Round 1: *K2, K2tog* (9 st)
BO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

"Stuff" the feet with the CO yarn tail from feet. Sew on feet (try to position them so your Quincy will stand up on his own). Sew on buttons for eyes (a Quincy), make little X's for eyes (a Bartholomew), or go with no eyes (a Hugo). Yay! Done!

You don't have to name your little alien by his/her eyes; feel free to be creative!