Random Strangers

Well, a week and a half ago, at work, I wrote up this wonderful post on all my Olympic endeavors. I detailed every project I had made during the Olympics: the yarn, pattern, how long they took, etc. I hit "Publish Post." And then the Internet decided to stop working, and eat all that work I had put into the post. Needless to say, I was devastated, but I was not going to write that thing again. I detailed everything in Do the FO Dance, except for these:

May I introduce to you Midnight Water? Made out of a hank of Malabirgo Sock in perisa, these are a glorious treat for the feet. I loooooooove them, and they made me discover the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula, which is what I've been searching for for months. Yay! Excpet I use JMCO instead of short rows for the toe, but that's just because it's that fantastic.

Speaking of socks, I'm working on these:

The blue-ish ones are out of a hand of bare I dyed with food coloring and vinegar (because the must-desired blue kool-aid is avoiding me), and are the only ones actually in progress. I actually almost have the toe done on the second sock, but it wouldn't have looked very good in the picture, so I left it out. The red ones are actually hibernating. I'm going to pick them up again once I finish the blue ones, a pair of red ones of my own design (!), and a pair of knee socks. The fit well though, and I love them. Can't wait to have them done. Also dyed this yarn myself, with red and orange kool-aid.

I got a starghan finished for my grandma, and sent it off to Petoskey today. I know she'll love it, and it warms my heart to make something for her before... you know... she... I can't say it. She's old, has health problems, and time is limited.

Finished these a week ago:

They're my "outdoor gloves" because they're the warmest, even though they don't really cover my wrists.

Finished this on Saturday, and wore it out today:

Strangest thing today: it must be "random strangers talk to me" day. Seriously, I was in CVS, picking up some sunscreen for my trip up to Disney World for spring break on Friday, when some random guy walks past me in the aisle, stops, and said he liked my "handbag."


Sketchy all by itself (and the fact that he called it a handbag, but that might be what they call purses in Florida), my gay-dar wasn't even going off. So, random straight guy telling me he likes my purse and asking me where I bought it, then walking off, leaving me standing in the aisle annoyed that CVS doesn't carry NO-AD sunscreen.

Then, on the way back from Target on the metro (nope, Target doesn't carry NO-AD either...), some guy asks me what knitting technique I was using. This is more normal, because I was standing, waiting, and knitting a sock. I get questions about my knitting when I knit in public all the time (once had a very interesting conversation with a guy on the trolley who thought it was physically impossible to knit a cabled sweater). Anyway, I was confused by the question (did this guy really know enough about knitting to know that there are three different ways to knit on the round, and wanted to know which one I was using?). I asked for a clarification, and it turns out this poor, misinformed civilian was under the impression that crochet was a type of knitting. I quickly set him straight, but it was still odd that in a single day (within two hours actually), and was asked random, atypical questions by random strangers.