Do the FO Dance

You see that? That collage of knitware right above this sentence? Well, that's pretty much everything I've made since last posting an actual blog post (not a pattern). When was that, waaaaaaay back in mid-December? And it's about two months later, and now I'm posting. That's not to say I haven't tried, but Picasa doesn't like to post more than four pics at a time to the blog, and the Miami Internet connection doesn't like me to upload photos with the blogger software at all. So I had to figure out how to get all of these pics up. Well, guess what? There's a neat little thing under the "create" tab in Picasa that allows you to make a collage out of any pics you select. The solution to all my problems! Let's get to the details, shall we?
Going in the order like you read a sentence:
Girder socks: made them over break; my first fingering weight socks, and I went a little high with the stitch count. Found a formula now, and making a better-fitting pair out of Mmmmmalabrigo sock (yum!)
French Press Slippers: Well, had a couple of leftover balls of Wool of the Andes from Dad's sweater, so I made myself some awesome felted slippers! They are now my regular dorm footware.
Ethan's Sweater: A curly-edge pullover, my first sweater. I thought it would be a bit big on him, but it fits him just right. Makes me a little concerned about how long it's going to fit him for. But it is snuggly, warm, and machine washable!
Dad's Sweater: Yay for cables! My second sweater, and he loves it! Stayed up until 3AM the night before my flight back down to Miami to finish it for him (and so I didn't have to lug the thing down to the tip of the country for some seaming and ship it back).
Hydrogen Bonding: Technically a water-bottle holder, because the little part that connects the lid to the bottle of my RSMAS nalgene broke off, and I needed some way to carry it. Actually made this before break... >.>
Spiral Soap Scrubby: This probably looks familiar, considering the pattern was the last post. It's working out well, though I'm trying to figure out the logistics of washing it (I know, seems a little odd to wash a soap bag, but trust me, it's needed).
Swallowtail: My first true lace project, complete with nupps (pronounced n-oo-ps), in laceweight alpaca. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find laceweight in brown. It's gorgeous, and I love it, but I think the humidity is making it lose it's block :(
Grandma's Socks: I made my Grandma Gifford a pair of socks back in September 2008, back when I first learned how to make the things and was on a kick. Well, they got holes in them about a month ago because she wears them so much, and she asked for a new pair. Ask, and ye shall receive!
Cables for Tea: Made this last night, because I'm tired of scalding my hands on hot mugs. I memorized the cable after a single repeat.
Mom's Mittens: Yet another one I made before break, but I didn't post here for a good reason: they were a Christmas gift for Mom, and I couldn't post about them until after Christmas, because she reads the blog. Waaaay too small for my hands, but the fit her.
Dishcloth: ... ... ... What?! It's the only thing that can effectively clean the whiteboard on my door, OK?
Flour Amour: This one should look familiar too, as a believe this pattern is, two posts down? I love the things to death, and they keep my hands super-toasty! Still a little bummed that I just barely didn't have enough for mittens, but these worked out nicely (NOTE: if you make these, please consider yourself warned that they take days to block; stupid chunky cables...)
Laminaria: Promptly after making the Swallowtail, I made a Laminara shawlette, which seems to be holding the block better. They're both gorgeous, and I would love to knit some more lace, except I don't really know what to do with the two of them now (ignore the two unused hanks of laceweight in my stash... >.>)
That's it, for now. Expect a post-Olympic update in a week or so. I have to detail all my Olympic speed-knitting adventures! (and how I did it in the midst of test season)

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