Olympic Ventures

I was rather productive during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, despite my inability to watch most of it (I've seen a little curling, freestyle skiing, and nordic combined on TV, and the men's snowboarding halfpipe full replay via NBCOlympics.com; I plan on catching up with figure skating shortly). My one and only goal for the games was to finished my Laminaria, which was easily achieved:

I actually finished it in a little outside a week, though the first and last day of the endeavored consisted solely of casting on and casting off/blocking respectively, so I don't know if they really count. It's a shawlette, made out of some lovely Malabrigo Lace in the mariposa colorway. It's the perfect size, and I love it (so do all the people at the LYS)!

I my mad Laminaria knitting, I also knocked out a dishcloth:

... ... ... ...

I can't believe I made a dishcloth either, but I needed to use up half a ball of cotton that was driving me batty, and I needed something to clean the whiteboard on my door.

Moving on:

Yep, that's a mug cozy. I've been meaning to make one for ages, and I finally got fed up with not being able to drink my tea at the hot temperature I like it without burning my hands. Stupid conduction. I knocked it out in an hour or two, after I had finished my laminaria and in the middle of these:

You remember these, right? From the last post? I almost had them done the day after that post - I was short by the inch of cuff on the second sock. Knocked that out the day after that, and wore them yesterday. Heel already looks worn, but that happens to all my socks (my heels are hot and sweaty and not hand-knit-sock friendly); I don't blame the yarn. The rest of the socks are just peachy though, and I looooooooooove them. I will gladly trade all my stash in for some more Malabrigo sock (or I'll just use that gift certificate I have for the LYS).

I'm gathering many imaginary awards for my Olympic-knitting feats. See those red badges on the left? Those are my Ravelympics 2010 badges, signifying my knitting awesomeness in this Olympics. And the LYS is having a similar type of this, except with less categories, you have to use yarn from the store, and there are prizes, in the form of coupons! A gold medal in a category is a 20% off coupon! I'm banking on my Laminaria for that coupon. The socks are entered too, but they're just your basic socks, nothing special (except they are super awesome, but not in the prize-gathering way).

With not-enough time left for something else in the Olympics, I've gotten back to my two WIPs (we're not counting the granny square blanket at a WIP - THAT'S an extended, I'm-bored-and-feel-like-making-a-granny-square project): my Bayerische socks, as seen in the previous post, and a starghan for my grandma. I'm focusing more on the starghan, because I feel like a grandma project should come first, AND it's a destash blanket, and I want this yarn out of here! But, the thing has gotten too big for travel, so it sits on my under-loft chair, and I work on it while I watch Heroes. The socks come with me, and I expect the second sock to go much faster than the first now that I practically have all the charts memorized (except chart D, but I can live with that). I'm going to need these two to keep my sanity this week: bio test coming up, and it's one of those that we're expected to know every minute little detail of the powerpoints. I'm going to need more chocolate...