I'm surprising myself greatly with my knitting speed this past week or so. Really, I am. I mean, it took me about two weeks to get this far on a single sock:

OK, granted these socks are covered with cables and it takes a while to complete a round, but still, that much on a single sock, my only project, took two weeks.

What happens now?

Well, I started these Saturday night:

It's Tuesday. I have a sock and 40% of the other one done. It's been four days. I think I'm going to finish them on Thursday, at the latest. Last week I knit an entire shawlette, when it took three weeks to knit a different one right before it. For some reason, I'm knitting at super-sonic speeds, and I'm good with that. I mean, I'm dying to wear these socks (hint: if you want a pair of some of the most comfortable socks ever, make some out of Malabrigo sock), so it's a good thing I'm knitting these at super sonic speeds. I suppose it also has something to do with the fact that these are plain vanilla socks, and that they're toe-up with a short-row heel, which, in my opinion, is a lot faster than the heel-flap and gusset of cuff-down. Ironically, the warm weather decided to come back to Miami today, so I don't know if I'll even get a chance to wear them when I finish.

Oh, and you're not crazy. You haven't seen those red socks before; I've only got the first one done, and promptly used the needles for the speedy socks (LYS is having an Olympic event: knit something in the span of the Olympics with yarn bought there). A non-FO does not belong in the FO montage.
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