TdF2014: Day 17

And here we have the done Targhee: it's gorgeous, and going to be amazing knit up. I'm guessing it's going to look solid from far away, and the individual colors will pop out when you get closer. 

~195yds of heavy fingering, 4-ply
100% Targhee
Colorway: Wilderness (Mountain Colors)
The Polwarth/Silk is getting there. Still focusing on sweater seaming more than this at the moment. Deadlines can be so irritating sometimes, but I don't think this sweater would get done without them. 

TdF2014: Day 16

So, when I started yesterday, I thought I had another day or two left on the Targhee. Not so:

Pretty skein pictures tomorrow. Which leaves the Polwarth/Silk as the last one standing:

Considering the Tour ends on Sunday, I feel like I've accomplished a ton. The Polwarth was thrown in there as a "Maybe I'll get to it, maybe not" project, so the fact that it's the only thing left at this point is astounding. If I didn't have a sweater and a birthday gift to finish before the end of the month, I would probably finish this before the end of the Tour. But alas, there is much deadline-knitting that needs doing. 

TdF2014: Day 15

Lots of spinning yesterday (I should have been seaming that sweater... oops). 

We have some plying:

And a finished skein of BFL:

White Russian
~82yds of lace, 2-ply
100% BFL
Colorway: Undyed/Natural
A quarter of the singles are done on the Polwarth/Silk. It looks like there's no way it's all going to fit on this spindle, but the shaft length is the same as my maple suspended, which I know can fit all of this, so it'll work.

TdF2014: Day 14

Some spinning yesterday, but more just a huge pile of seaming. So much seaming. Anyway, a little progress on the Targhee. I know, this plying is going to slowly, but it'll be done before the end of the Tour.

The BFL is done! It's still damp and drying, so pretty skein picture tomorrow. 

And a bit of progress on the Polwarth/Silk. Hope to finish that first quarter of singles today.