TdF2014: Day 21

It's all over folks. Le Tour de Fleece 2014 is over. Let's look back at where we started, shall we?

From this we got 169.4yds of 3-ply sportish Wensleydale (508.2yds in singles):

195.4yds of 4-ply fingering Targhee (781.6yds in singles):

81.8yds of 2-ply lace BFL (163.6yds in singles):

And somewhere around 400yds in singles so far of Polwarth/Silk:

Which brings us to a total of 446.6yds of finished yarn, and around 1850yds of singles spun this tour. A good showing I say. And of course, the end of the Tour doesn't mean the end of spinning. This spinning will continue, as it always does. Hope you've enjoyed watching!

TdF2014: Day 20

If it looks like nothing happened yesterday, you'd be close to right. I only go through an itty-bitty white section. Not much happened on the knitting front either, but lots of chores got done, so that's something. 

TdF2014: Day 19

Progress. Mainly because the slow pace of it all was annoying me (and killing my mojo, as projects that take longer than they usually do should), so decided to crank it up a bit yesterday.

Not that you could tell that easily. That's the problem with spinning this as fine as I am.

TdF2014: Day 18

Not much spinning yesterday (more focus on sweater seaming - I have a collar!), but it did happen: