TdF2014: Day 21

It's all over folks. Le Tour de Fleece 2014 is over. Let's look back at where we started, shall we?

From this we got 169.4yds of 3-ply sportish Wensleydale (508.2yds in singles):

195.4yds of 4-ply fingering Targhee (781.6yds in singles):

81.8yds of 2-ply lace BFL (163.6yds in singles):

And somewhere around 400yds in singles so far of Polwarth/Silk:

Which brings us to a total of 446.6yds of finished yarn, and around 1850yds of singles spun this tour. A good showing I say. And of course, the end of the Tour doesn't mean the end of spinning. This spinning will continue, as it always does. Hope you've enjoyed watching!

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