TdF2014: Day 10

The Wensleydale is done! I had done the previous 2oz back in April, so have a big picture of the whole 4oz:

~325yds of sport(ish), 3-ply chain ply
100% Wensleydale
Colorway: No Pulse (NGY FotM March 2014)

The Targhee is plying up in a really interesting way. It's alternating between a more obvious barber pole (seen here), and a more subtle color meld. I love it, but I only like barber poling in higher plies like this (it's usually just ugly in a 2-ply).  

The BFL is coming along well. One more day of spinning should finish off the singles. Today's a rest day though (going to work on seaming that sweater), so that'll happen tomorrow. 

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