Random Update :)

I really, really don't want to do my chem homework, so I'm posting! I really do have a bunch of new things I knit, but no new patterns, so I wasn't previously inclined to post. Anyways, a few weeks ago a finished another earflap hat (I have an addiction to hats):

I used some leftovers from my brother's hat (the one with the cow on it) for the gray, and a pretty dark blue Alpaca yarn my mom got me for Christmas. I experimented with new increasing and color changing techniques, so this one was fun :)

I'm also almost done with a hat I'm knitting for my mom; she requested that I knit her a new ski hat, so I had her pick out one from smariek knits (smariek.blogspot.com)--because she has beautiful patters, especially when it comes to cables. I'm currently in the process of sewing it up (I have a thing against circular needles, so I translate all my hat patterns to two needles and sew up a seem). I used the Cap Karma Pattern, and my translated version should be up soon! Aren't the cables beautiful???

I also knit some more socks! I had just enough yellow yarn after the cowl to knit a yellow sock, and I knit the other one in purple for the contrasting color effect. I experimenting with making "ladders" on the yellow one, but it just makes the gusset to long, and there's just a bunch of bunching where the foot begins. I also discovered that I had been doing the Kitchner stitch wrong; I had been going under the stitches, which produces a "purl" like seem, when you're supposed to go over the stitches, which produces a "knit" like seem. I enjoy it lots :D

I decided I needed some sort of fingerless mittens because my hand always seem to get cold. I settled on the Persephone Mitts by smariek knits. I'm using the leftover yarn from my mom's hat, and the "sophisticated gray" works really well with this intricate pattern.

Lastly, I decided to knit myself a clutch for prom, for finding a clutch the right shade of navy blue or silver would have taken so much longer than going to Micheals and finding the right shade of yarn. I'm not that far into it, but the small cables should match the wavy frills on my dress :)

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