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Um... hi everybody? Been a while, eh? So it appears that the more exciting my life gets, the less inclined I am to blog about it, and the more inclined I am to just experience it. You can't really blame me, right? Um... here's a squid I just made to appease your anger:

Squidy Hanlon Squid
Pattern: Amigurumi Bobtail Squid by The Van Gogh Cafe
Yarn: Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids in Claret

That one's going to Dr. Roger Hanlon, who was gracious enough to incorporate me into his lab, and talk to me one-on-one, for a couple hours, despite the end result being that I would really need to work my arse off to even think of a PhD under him.

Anyway, I also have a problem in that if my life is incredibly dull, I don't blog either. I basically need ordinary with exciting sprinkles for an active blog - all that ordinary just makes the sprinkles that much better.

So, I'm back at school after a semester abroad and a summer internship. On the way back down to Miami, my family and I stopped in Charleston, SC and in Orlando, FL (HARRY POTTER WORLD *ahem*), which was a ton of fun. I moved back into my old room from last fall, which is nice. I'm still living with Hannah, but Jen and Michelle moved out (for health and financial reasons, respectively - not because they hate us), so I've got two new roommates. One is Hannah's sorority sister: I can tell she and I are going to get along (we spent Monday night watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars on History Channel together for four hours, getting really into it), except for those awkward moments when her and Hannah start the sorority gossip. Well, that's why I have my own room. The other is a random - I actually haven't seen much of her aside from her transit to and from her room and the front door. She seems cool, but I just haven't seen enough of her to make a legitimate judgement.

Other than that, the last couple days have been UMAC filled. UMAC is short for the University of Miami Aquarium Club, of which I am president, and this time of year is recruitment. We have a really bad retention rate (at the moment it's basically just he officers), so we're trying to get as many new people signed up and enthusiastic as we can. I'm optimistic this year - we've gotten a lot of people coming up and talking to us about their tanks at the orientation club fairs, which is a very good sign.

Well, that's about it. Classes start today, but my first isn't until 1:30 (Physics III) - fingers crossed I've got good ones this semester!
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