The Slight Genesis of a Spectrum

Today, I saw a rainbow.

I had just awakened from a short nap, being that I cannot knit while the plane is taking off or landing, and I usually opt to sleep. I almost forced myself awake, unconsciously, because some part of my body could sense that the accent had stopped, and I was so desperate to finish what I was working on, for it needed to be done two days before.

"What would you like to drink, miss?"

"Hot tea, thank you."


"Oh, and with sugar."

The Styrofoam cup with the tea - already brewed (one of the reasons I really like American) - is passed my way, along with far too many of those AA packages of sugar, and a lack of a stirring stick, to my minor annoyance. I stare at my little disposable cup full of delicious hot leaf juice, knowing that all of the sweetness has sunk to the bottom, and what remains in most of the cup is only slightly sweetened and bitter (and not in a good way).

*Shrug* Oh well.

I sip my tea and my eyes wander out the window of the plane. It's amazing how clear the stratification of the atmosphere is when you're in the sky: below us lie large, poofy cumulus clouds, and above are wisps, tendrils. As I gaze down, a million different analogies come into my head at once, simultaneously consciously and unconsciously trying to grasp just what floating upon water or glass these clouds resemble.

A flash of color.

Only for a second..

There? There! You see? It was a rainbow, a snippet of a rainbow in a cloud!

I've never looked down upon a rainbow before.

Look again!

There it is - longer this time, perpetuated by the mists of the cloud as it breaks apart.

And now we've passed the cloud.



But what's this?

Another cloud?

This one is a shade of gray, and distinctly more wispy than the rest below us.

There it is again!

The spectrum dances in the genesis of rain.

Bye now. Bye now, as an expanse of blue lies ahead.

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