't was an interesting day today:

1) Amaranth porridge is disgusting. Don't try it. I had to resort to a couple of spoon fulls of peanut butter as my breakfast this morning. 

2) It's mandatory for anyone working in a lab to take this general lab safety seminar. The good thing is that it's a Webinar, so I could theoretically stumble out of bed, sign in, and listen while brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, etc. Except the only times these things are held are at 9AM on Tuesdays. 

I have class from 8AM-9:15.

Which, of course, meant me awkwardly opening my laptop on the middle of ecology (not really that awkward because most people take notes on their computer in that class), having my attention split, then closing the laptop, shoving it my backpack, riding my bike back to my apartment, all the while hoping the wireless connection stayed on so I still get credit for this thing. Luckily, it worked, and I set up my laptop in my room while going to find something else for breakfast because that peanut butter wasn't cutting it. 

3) I had the strangest dream involving some odd change to the Gaia layout - I haven't been on that site in years - stumbling upon my old physics problems in my room at home and bringing them back to Miami for Jen, RSMAS events at a fancy-ish Publix courtyard across from the Brickell metro station, and a strange mash-up of the 6th and 7th Harry Potter books in a tropical rainforest.

4) I rode my bike to Winn Dixie, for the first time acting completely as a vehicle, and not going on the sidewalks. It was fine - no one even honked at me. The only issue I had was that traffic was terrible, but that would have happened if I was in a car. 

5) Coming back from Winn Dixie, I encountered the stupidest Ferrari in the history of idiotic fancy cars: the guy attempts to do a U-turn on US1. At the intersection of US1 and Red Road. Right after the light for US1 turns green, and he pulls up far enough so that he's sitting literally smack in the middle of the intersection, perpendicular to traffic. 

NJ people imagine someone trying to pull a U-turn on 206 at the intersection with Flanders-Netcong Rd right by the high school at rush hour, except Flanders-Netcong has four lanes instead of two, and the drivers are reckless, inattentive, and highly aggressive. Doesn't work too well, does it?

6) I made yogurt rice to go with my lentils. Well, my very altered version of yogurt rice extracted from recipes on the internet. Basically I cooked white rice with some bay leaves, basil, and red pepper flakes, added plain yogurt to the desired consistency, and threw in a little bit of ginger, dry mustard, and parsley. It wasn't Mrs. Mokkarala's, but it made me happy. 

7) The new info desk is here! And it's an office desk, rather than the booth or kiosk that is actually needed. And I didn't even get to sit at it, because it came in this morning, and nothing is set up. I was in the back out of a sketchy, probably former ticket window or something. I just felt like I was working the middle school snack bar. 

8) My brother just realized that my dad was totally a hipster in high school. Because the pictures of him in hipster clothing and long hair, his eclectic music tastes, and boss four-channel stereo system that he had in high school (and still has) weren't enough of an indicator. 

And there was knitting in here somewhere...

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