Delicious Weekend

This weekend was filled with exceptionally yummy food. Here's a sampler:

These were gluten-free cranberry-lemon corn muffins for Lindsay's Classy Sunday Brunch this morning. I used this recipe, and added chopped cranberries, lemon zest, and a touch more sugar (including a sprinkling of sugar on top of the muffins). There was also sparkling apple cider, and champagne, as today is Michelle's 21st birthday. I didn't partake in the champagne, but everyone else had mimosas.

Tonight's dinner:

Standard baked acorn squash with butter, brown sugar, and maple syrup. It's one of my favorite things in the whole universe.

Yesterday I made this gingerbread cake box mix thing from Trader Joes' that my mom sent me:

It's delicious - just like everything from Trader Joe's is.

There were also multigrain biscuits yesterday (courtesy of multigrain Trader Joe's Bisquick), but those are already gone, so no picture. 
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