Excess and Decision-Making

So, a few weeks ago I went to Michaels, with the intention of purchasing yarn for a lobster and a squid. I really didn't know how much yarn I needed, so I guesstimated, and decided to buy two skeins just in case. I went with my brother, and we picked out this really awesome multi-colored yarn. It would, we decided, make the best lobster and squid the world had ever seen! We bought two skeins (same dye lot of course). Of course, it turned out I only needed about two thirds of a skein, so I had too much on my hands now. It was not a problem, as I soon found other uses for the yarn . I knit my lobster, named Lobster-friend, and my squid, names Bloop-bloop. My brother desperately wanted an animal out of this yarn for his own, so I knit him a kiwi that I'm going to give him for his birthday. When the time comes, he will name it. All three of those animals only ate up one of the skeins, so I've moved on to socks. I think I'll be able to get at least two pairs out of the second skein, which makes me super excited to have such awesome socks. I'm only about halfway through with the first sock, but I did that all yesterday, mostly during a swim meet, so they should be done soon.

I'm sorry I've been so lacking in posting. I have had time and have meant to post more, but I hate, hate, hate typing out patterns. Since none of the patterns I've posted so far are actually mine, I've just been reproducing them, I've decided to heck with pattern writing, unless, of course, I developed it myself. From now on, this will be more of a standard blog.

Anyway, I've finished a bunch of things since last writing, including everything you saw above, plus a bunch of things you'll see below. I don't have pictures of everything, but they include: grey Persephone fingerless gloves, a pattern of fingerless gloves I developed, based on Persephone, in light purple, a clutch for prom, a hat for Mom, a whole bunch of Hugo's for my brother's friends (all proceeds go to his eagle project), and a big, lovable caterpillar named Leopold, for a favorite teacher of mine upon my graduation from high school.

I've recently acquired a new laptop - essential for college. It's a Dell Inspiron 1545, in aqua blue. I also have a matching wireless mouse with a pretty floral pattern on it from Logitech, and an external hard drive. I still need to get a surge protector, but for now I'm just using a power strip. With my new computer, I've discovered the wonders of Picasa, and how easy it makes to post pictures onto a blog (that was another reason I wasn't posting, it was too big of a pain to upload pictures). Now everything is super easy, and it seems to me like I have more freedom. Hopefully I'll post more now!

In another college and knitting related train of thought, I now have an excellent aqua blue ottoman, which will act both as storage for my knitting and a footrest for my chair (that I will hopefully be able to use if the loft situation works out). I also recently joined Ravelry. I haven't really done much with it besides post projects. I need to get all of my yarn stash and everything loaded, find friends, start discussing, etc. I've got a long way to go on ravelry... but because of ravelry, I've become active again on devientART. An excellent thing, because almost instantly after I uploaded pictures of my knitting and some photography, the pieces got favorited. Such a good thing. Perhaps I'll be active on Gaia once more in the near future...

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