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I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell anyone reading this blog how exciting a yarn sale is. Especially when you're about to go to college and are a little short cash-wise. It didn't help that they had my favorite kind of yarn, Caron Simply Soft, on sale for two-fifty a skein. Of course, I spent most of my time in Michael's contemplating bulky yarn prices, because I'm planning on knitting my first sweater, the Curly-Edge Pullover found in Kids Knitting, by Melanie Falick, for my brother for Christmas. I now know why sweaters are so expensive in stores: the cost of yarn alone for a single sweater can run around $20-$40! Lets just say I'm waiting for my birthday and the Michael's gift card that will come with it to purchase that yarn. Anyway, I got these two really shades of Caron Simply Soft: Persimmon and Sunshine (I think you can figure out which is which). I think I'm going to use them in these fingerless gloves that were on the back of one of the labels. Also, really exciting, I finally found a 16" circular needle! And it was even in size 8, the size I've been looking for. Which means, I can now knit a bunch of hats without having to translate patterns! So I think whatever color I don't use for the gloves will go for another Utopia Hat.

Also exciting, I got my first serious knitting request from a friend yesterday (I've made Hugo's for people, but that's not the same...). I'm knitting Joanna two pairs of fingerless gloves: these lace-up opera gloves, and another cable fingerless glove set.

I always tell my friends that I'll knit them something for free, as long as they provide the yarn and whatever other materials are needed. Plus, that way they can pick out their own yarn, which is really sort of a personal thing (don't worry, I always specify how much I need and what weight of yarn I need, with idiot-proof instructions). Joanna picked out this really pretty Caron Simply Soft Heather. I guess since she got two skeins she wants both gloves in the same color. Also, for the lace ups, she got a really pretty purple ribbon (I totally guessed she would go for purple; it's her favorite color).

And, on actual knitting, I got my socks done. They turned out well, though I can't wear them for more than ten minutes because it's in the mid-eighties and really, really humid right now. I'll have to wait until night to wear them for a longer span.

Well, I need to get to rolling all of those skeins into balls (skeins always tangle on me halfway through a project), which is going to eat up at least another hour. Adieu!

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  1. Anonymous2.8.09

    I'm actually knitting a scarf with the Carron Simply Soft in that same grey, and in Country Blue. Harry Potter Ravenclaw colors. I can't wait to see what those fingerless gloves turn out like, seeing how pretty the colors are! Heh, also, I'm not a stalker, I promise. I found this from your Gaia siggy. I'm inukuro from Yarn Freaks.


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