It's been a while...

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on this blog... sorry to anyone who actually reads this (though I highly doubt that anyone really reads this). I've gotten a bunch of stuff done, including a hat for my mom, a few pairs of fingerless gloves, a bunch of Hugo's (or Quincy's, if you prefer) as funding for my brother's Eagle project, a clutch for prom, a large, squishy caterpillar, and a lobster. I am almost done with a squid, made out of the same yarn as the lobster. That yarn has an amazing combination of colors, and gives the impression of being self-stripping. I'm going to make socks out of it after I finish the Kiwi (the bird, not the fruit) I'm going to make for my brother before I go off to college. Hopefully it will be useful to remember me by when he's feeling lonely. Actually, it would be more appropriate to knit him a bunny, so I think I'll set off now looking for a pattern. A short entry, but I felt It was necessary. A bientôt!

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