The Kindness of the Internet

Sometimes, software and such doesn't work. It's not our fault. It just happens. And then we leave it, and move on. About a month ago, I had written up two posts that got eaten by the Internet, Picasa, blogger, whatever. I spent a great deal of time on them, and was upset that they disappeared. Well, today when I logged into blogger, there they were. Sitting there, as drafts. Where they've been for the past month, I do not know, but I've been avoiding posting because there was no way to post photos. I'll probably do a big catch-up post a little later.

A few things now (I'm copying the Harlot, if you couldn't tell):

1) I'm knitting a pair of knee socks. I need them done before I go to bed on Saturday. With my self imposed schedule, I should have been done with sock #1 yesterday. I'm an inch or two away from the ribbing, and will probably finish tomorrow or the next day. I guess I'm getting rubber boot rash for one more Sunday.

2) I'm a little worried about my roommate. All she seems to do is sleep, and sit in her bed with her laptop, either on facebook or skyping or talking on the phone. She never seems to change positions on her bed, or move from it at all. I mean, I guess she can move around when I'm not in the room, but it's a little worrying.

3) Speaking of stuck in a cycle, she never seems to do any homework either, and then (when she has a test) complains that she is in so much trouble because she hasn't taken the plastic wrap off the book. Well, that's your fault now, isn't it? Stop complaining.

4) One last thing about the roommate, which I don't quite understand. She likes to close the hurricane shutters and sit, on her bed with her laptop, in the dark.


Oh, and then, instead of opening the shutters, she turns on the light, which isn't as bright as the, you know, sun. I really don't get her thought process.

5) I got Pokemon SoulSilver on Sunday. Love it, almost to the first gym, but I have no time at all to play it. Busy week. In the meantime, my brother got HeartGold, and is on spring break, so it zooming ahead. Wish I had the time.

6) Going on a coral restoration dive on the 17th. Should be fun

Yep. Think that's it. Have a good week.