Voluntarily Bedridden

See the FOs! Revel in their glory! Because I haven't been able to upload pics until recently! For more detailed narratives of each project, see my Ravelry page.

On the note of knee socks, I've finished the first:

and am on the ankle part (pre-calf-increases) of the second part. Not particularly helpful because I really need the socks in the morning, but oh well - I'll have them for next week. Well, that is, if this week isn't as horrid as the last. I think I got a couple inches of knitting in, at most. It took me three days just to get through the cuff and BO of sock #1, I was so busy.

So, I went to my LYS yesterday, like I always do, every Friday, and while knitting away at above-mentioned knee socks, one of the owners asked if I would like to test knit something. I asked what, because I was under the impression it was a pattern, but it turned out to be yarn. Testing yarn. New, MALABRIGO sock yarn. That, if I decided to test, I would get for free.

Um, yeah. I took the yarn. And was giddy. And happy. And apologizing to the hanks of yarn I was planning on knitting into socks, because this hank immediately shot up to the top of the queue. Oh, and I have to rate it, give comments, feedback, etc. We'll see how it does.


I've come to the conclusion that my roommate has voluntarily made herself bedridden. She lives in the bed. My evidence:
  • I am surprised when I come back the room, and the door is locked, because it's never locked when she's in there.
  • The huge pile of Special K bar wrappers in the little nook next to her bed. Clearly she can't be bothered to get up and go to the trash can, which brings us to
  • the overflowing trash can, which she cannot be bothered to empty.
  • The sitting in the room in the dark all day. (OK, I don't really know how this is evidence, but it's weird)
  • Always asking me to turn off her light for her (I realize this contradicts my thesis, because she does have to get up to turn the light on, but she also has to get up to go to the bathroom, so maybe she does it then).
  • The boxes of granola bars next to her bed, along with drinks, and the ability for her to reach across the small space separating the bed and my loft to reach into the fridge.
  • The laptop that's always on the bed, her lap, or the little ledge next to the bed.
  • Her towel never moves from the drying rack. Does she not shower?

I'm glad I'm only her roommate for another month. I'm starting to feel Josh's pain (but at least I'm not a gay guy living with a room-bound homophob).

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