So, I was minding my own business, happily going along with the semester, when, all of a sudden, the semester hit me.

It hit me hard.

It all started last Monday, which officially marked the "four weeks left of classes" mark. I went from happily trotting along to drowning (how I went from walking to being under water, we will not discuss). I thought last week was bad, but it turns out this week is worse. Here's the rest of this week's work (take note that it is Tuesday and I was up until 1AM doing work yesterday, having started at 2:30PM):

Not to mention all the other things I have to get done before the end of April.

I have to read these:

Library books, so I have to get them done because I can't take them home with me (only so many renewals my dear...). I have to play this:

OK, it isn't extremely vital that I play this before I go home, but my brother got the corresponding game, HeartGold, at the same time, and is already miles ahead of me. Normally I kick his butt at Pokemon games (and it's the one game I do; I used to own Mario Kart, but we're now even at that...).

Oh, and then there's these:

Socks need to get done before Sunday. I'm not going through another week of boot-rash. I'm about halfway through the calf increases on sock #2, so hopefully, with class-knitting and the LYS, I'll get it done. The other ball of yarn is for some felting stuff I need to get done.

My only compensation for all of this is that, 1) On Saturday I'm going on a coral restoration dive, and, 2) after I get all of this done (as in, everything for the semester), it will be summer, and I'll be home.

Wish me luck.

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