Game Day

It's game day here in Miami: first home game of the season, against Ohio State. Personally, I think we don't stand a chance of winning, but it's going to be a fun game to go to, and of course, I still bleed orange and green. I even made []_[] pancakes:

Today I was lazy and used Target pancake mix (Jen's, who was also craving pancakes, and said I could use it). I have a stash of food coloring for yarn dying, and thought this would be fun. And of course they're chocolate chip.

Speaking of the game, it's at 7:30, which means I'm leaving to go to the buses at 4, and won't be getting back until midnight at the earliest. I really don't feel like paying $10 for a small, crappy piece of chicken at the stadium, so I made some onigiri to bring along:

Onigiri are really perfect for this situation: they're small, but super filling, so when I'm starving in the middle of the game, these will fill me up nicely. You're technically not even supposed to bring a bag into the stadium, but in the student line, they just sort of glance in your bag, and wave you through. I've brought my knitting several times, so I don't think they'll object.

Yesterday I got an exciting package in the mail: my underwater housing for my camera!

Well, the camera's not here yet - housings don't exist for my current camera, so I had to get a new camera in addition to the housing - so no underwater pictures quite yet. Once the camera gets here, Julie, Lindsay, and I are going to have goofy underwater picture funtime in the pool at one of our swimming sessions. I'm super-excited for this camera - it's a really high-end point-and-shoot, so it's really like a D-SLR in point-and-shoot format. Important for underwater photography, so I have control over the white balance, but also it means I have a smaller camera to take with me to events where I don't want to take my larger (and nicer) camera. Like, for example, football games.

On the knitting front, I've been fairly productive. I contribute this to class starting and comparative physiology reading - knitting keeps me focused in class, and prevents me from falling asleep while doing all the reading. These socks can be largely attributed to the reading, with a little bit of class time thrown in:

Pattern: The Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula (with a JMCO toe instead of short row)
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka, in Bestell-Nr

You can't really see it in the picture, but the yarn subtly vertically zigzags up the foot. It's awesome.

These socks should be finished by Monday:

They're a pair of worsted socks. The heel turn to the toe grafting on the finished one was knit all in a Galapagos study abroad info session Thursday. I think it was maybe an hour-long session.

And rhodion is coming along well. I'm almost at 5 repeats out of 9 for this side of the stole, and then I start the edging, and then on to the other side! I had to pin it out to get a good picture though.

Everyone be sure to tune-in to the game! It starts at 7:30EST on ESPN!

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