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Thursdays are physics days: while I might not have physics class, I do have my discussion section (where we ask questions about the homework, hand in the homework, and take the weekly quiz) and my lab two hours following. Now, two hours isn't really enough time to make going back to the apartment worth it, and I still had to read the lab for this week, so I decided to bunker down in the really awesome physics library:

The architecture and building design on campus (and all of Miami really) is very geometric-modern: lots of squares, angles, stone blocks, etc. Admittedly, it goes very well with the tropical-palm tree environment. However, the physics library is a little window into old-fashioned northeast academia: wood chairs and shelving, some fancy chairs in the corners, etc. The view out the windows even hit more deciduous-like trees rather than palms. It's like I've been transported to Cornell.

An added bonus is that the physics building is in a more remote corner of campus, and the library is hidden away (the only sign is right outside the library, naming it the "Friends of Physics Library") on the third floor of the building. The only way you would discover it is if you needed to go up to the physics department office for some reason, which is right across the way on the third floor. This means that there's hardly anyone in it (well, it's a small library, so it couldn't fit that many people).

On my way up to the physics library - my discussion section is on the first floor - I decided to take the long way around and explore the building a little bit.

I found a really cool hallow walkway thing:

And the second floor was lined with windows (instead of just being outdoors), like you would find up north:

I stumbled upon a little lounge in the middle of the second floor, complete with fridge, microwave, and toaster oven:

It even had a spiral staircase. I think it's for the TAs, because the TA offices were down a hallway to the right of this lounge. And there were undergrad lab notebooks sorted by section stacked on the table next to the microwave.

There was even a quiet little nook by the windows with a super-comfy looking chair. The only downside of this spot is that it looks down the above-pictured hallway. Though I've never really seen anyone down that hallway...

This might be a new in-between classes knitting spot.

Basically I think I've established that the physics building is my new favorite building on campus. I think it's because it departs from the standard Miami architecture and building design, and much more resembles the northeast Ivy layout that I like so much more. It's my new little hideaway.
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