Day 2/1

The roving is all dry, and you can see the results here:

I had intended it to be mostly green with splashes of brown, and little bits of pink where green and brown meet. BUT the plastic wrap sprung a leak, and the pink was at the opposite end, so as the green dye flowed out, it sucked the pink dye through most of the top. I had also intended the pink to be a dust rose, and this well, a pink-purple cross. McCormick lied to me.
However, I still like the color, which is strange because pink is normally what I run away screaming from. But I think I figured it out: It's the exact same color-scheme as my first blanket on my first "big girl" bed (which is the bed I still have at home, and the blanket now lives in the basement, because it's really getting old and ratty, but it still works. Also, pink and green don't go with a blinding, bright orange and yellow sunset over the ocean). So it's a childhood nostalgia that's keeping me attached and not over-dying (plus I needed to propose my OWL), and I feel like it's going to be much, much, much prettier spun. I'm actually really looking forward to it.

Today was technically the second day of class, but I like to think of it as "First Day of Class, Part 2." I mean really, you have all new classes because it's Wednesday instead of Tuesday, and it's still the first class for all of these Wednesday classes.

So, the class low-down:
1) French. The big shocker was the professor: not only is he in a wheelchair (a pretty badass wheelchair at that), but he's Irish. Teaching a French class in the United States. It sort of boggles my mind. My french is pretty rusty, but luckily the little diagnostic assessment thing only tested the present and passé compose (which I learned in what, French II?). There was also a little bit of subjoncif, which I know I did already in French IV, but it's been three years, I only sort of learned it in the first place, and I haven't spoken French since May 2009 (yeah, I too the final in June, but really, Mme Van Stone had a baby right after the AP exam, so I really wasn't speaking French after that). But I remembered the conjugation for faire, so I was fasse-ing it up all over that question. Don't remember when you're supposed to use it, or any of the conjugation, but whatever. It worked, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Dr. Finn thinks I should be in the next higher class (I probably should be, based on my fluency, but I'm just getting a requirement out of the way, and I don't want to kill my GPA on a language...)
2) Differential Equations. Dr. Cosner reminds me of Mr. West. Quite a bit, actually, which is really awesome. Apparently this guy has a reputation for being awesome, but that reputation circulates mainly around engineers and math majors, so me the little marine science student had not a clue (but Dr. Olson did, that ol' Physical Oceanographer, who recommended the class to me). The one thing I'm slightly scared about is that it's heavily based on Calc II. Now , Calc I I have down, Calc II was a bit random and unstructured, so I really don't remember much of it. So I plan on spending some time in the library with a calculus book reading up on what I should have learned from Mr. Lucid (apparently I did learn something, because I got a 5 on the AP exam). Also slightly panicked because we have homework already (due, but not really due, because it's not collected, Friday), and my book is currently in transit, and will probably, along with my Physics textbook, get here over the weekend. Also, Kim's in my class, along with a bunch of other random people I know from other classes I was in where you don't expect a marine science student.
3) Physics. My professor is Italian. Heavily Italian. Name, Dr. Galeazzi. Stereotypical Italian accent. It's pretty badass. But he started out the class saying, "I know that this is a tough class and that most of you are not here by choice, you have to take it." And there I am, sitting there, me who had the option to take College Physics instead of University. Hmm.... Also, thank goodness there was someone in the class I knew. Granted, it was Geoff, and I don't know him that well, but then again, what better opportunity is there than to have a class with someone. So, yeah, I'm hanging out with the marine geology kids in University Physics. Today it was pretty dry (syllabus, scientific method, units... *headdesk*), but luckily, it was a big lecture hall, and I didn't feel bad about working on these:

Don't worry - it's mainly a twisted rib, with an occasional yarn-over. Not totally mindless, but pretty close. Perfect class-knitting material. I did well relegating my more mindless projects to the time of the month when I'd be in class. And I'm going to need it tomorrow to get though Chem O...