Classes started today, and I must say, Chemical Oceanography was not the entertainment I thought it was going to be (Dr. Millero posted a fake syllabus on Blackboard, which was one of the funniest things I've ever read). A little dry, a little heavy on the diagrams. I'm going to mess with my OneNote and Powerpoint software to see if I can export the slides to OneNote (because note-taking is so much better there than under the slides in Powerpoint). Genetics was packed: I was borderline late, due to having to switch computers three times and figure out where the other paper slot was on the printer in the marine science lab and only having 15 minutes between my two classes, and I open the door to Cox 126, and I can't see a single seat open. Really, there were people all the way off to the awkward seats at the side, even. I did find a seat, but this was a lesson to just go straight from Chem O to Genetics, since they're right next to each other, in order to get a good seat/sit next to someone I know.

In other news, over the past two days I've
- flown to Miami
-cleaned the bathroom
-cleaned the fridge
-cleaned the microwave
-cleaned the top of the microwave and my food-shelf
-brought my finances up to date
-gone grocery shopping (during a tornado watch)
-dyed some roving (pics will come after it's dry and braided)
-watched some Mr. Bean for the first time with Jen and Robbie (Robbie has been trying to get both of us to watch these since October, and we finally had time to sit down and watch)
-been introduced to The Mighty Boosh
-watched Mega Piranha (highly recommended if you're a fan of so-bad-they're-hysterical movies)
-played Super Smash Bros. Melee for the first time in years (but I've played Brawl, does that count?)
-started a swatch for a shawl (Ancient Runes OWL)
-started January's Sock for the Self-Imposed Sock Club (it's Magic Mirror)

Oh, and finished some of the greatest socks in the history of the universe:

Go ahead. Be jealous.
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