So long, 2010

As you could sort of tell, I've been rather busy, with no time really to think (that's a lie, by the way - all I was doing was thinking... and writing papers, and final lab reports, and studying for finals, well, you get the idea), let alone blog. You've already seen my obsession with mini-sweaters, so here's a look at what I knit up to the plane ride home:
Starting in the top left, working down and left to right:
Ishbel Remnants: Mini-sock, for PrincessOnica
Traveling Scarf section, the outer cable from Hera
Purple: Turn a Square in purple Patons Classic Wool; Ethan's Christmas present
Hands of Wooly Goodness: Mittens for Dad in steely blue Patons for Christmas.
More mini-sweaters...
Nottingham: Hat for myself. I love it
Miami Mitts: They're freaking awesome. Need
I say more? The []_[] is duplicate stitch.
Zigzag: Cowl for Mom for Christmas in a burgundy heather Patons.
Then, I got home, and started knocking out WIPs left and right (with an occasional small project for pacing purposes... or for making-Aqua-even-more-adorable purposes...):

Again, starting at the top left, working left to right and down:
SHROOMS!: I made a mushroom... "^^
Mini-socks, for a swap.
The Thing: A mini-shawl for Aqua.
The Right Side of the []_[]: Worsted weight socks. Wearing them now.
Blue Marl: Lovely shrug, to keep me warm in Cox (where I'll be living next semester)
Hourglass: The second pair of from a failed Arithmancy OWL. They're awesome.
Exams: Plain vanilla socks that gave my gauge issues... (we won't talk about that).

Speaking of The Thing:

For Christmas I got a Turkish spindle, plus a bunch of roving. I've been experimenting. The obviously-worse mini-skein was my first, using pre-drafting. The second skein is when I figured out how to draft while the spindle was spinning.
Right now I'm working on my third mini-skein: the single is done (and much thinner and more consistent), and I'm navajo plying (which is great fun). The only problem I'm still having is how to fix yarn when it breaks - I've resorted to spit-splicing, which I know isn't right, but I don't know what else to do at this point.
This morning I unpinned another Ishbel, made with Alina Shea Creations Waxing Moon in Royal Ravenclaw. I looooooooove it! And snow is an ideal picture-taking medium.
I've finally gotten to my ball of Crazy Zauberball, and am making some epic striped socks out of it. See toe here:
I get to see a bunch of HPKCHC people tomorrow, which is super-exciting, and I fly back to Miami a week after that. Break has sure gone by fast.
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