Just a quicky, for I'm leaving to go back to Miami tomorrow, and need to pack, finish tweaking internship application essays, and fill out all the stupid application forms.

1) Got through the heel on sock #2:

I've got mixed feelings; while the first sock had the heel split in the Zauberball, causing two different colors within the same stripe, driving me crazy up close, from far away, it makes the sock blend and transition more. With the split on the second sock being in the white, there's no color-conflict within the stripe, but I went from red before the heel to blue and yellow after the heel. It's a little awkward. But, hey, it's the price I pay for really awesome striped heels.

2) I had much fun dying 10g segments of roving yesterday (for the CoMC OWL):

I used the ol' food coloring and vinegar, though we had hardly any red left due to Christmas cookies, so my final color (a green/dusty rose/light brown combo), will have to used on the big skein in Miami with my food coloring there (I really, really want this colorway to happen). The orange and green one I actually dyed Monday, but they look so pretty together. The colorway names, starting with the orange and green, going clockwise, are as follows: Miami, Bear Cut, Sunshine, Dustland Fairytale, and Springtime Dandelions. I am so ecstatic to start spinning in something other than white, you have no idea.

3) Speaking of spinning, latest mini-skein is done, just having it's twist set at the moment. Pics will probably come tomorrow after I'm in Miami.

Now, I really have to go pack.
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