Fountains and Frisbees

I decided, on my way back to my room from physics today, to take a photographic record of everything on my route, because it's a nice day, and I love the physics fountains. You can see a map of my route above (click to make it bigger), with each letter representing the spot to the corresponding photo below.

A: The Physics Fountains. These are my favorite fountains on campus. Small, tiny, just randomly coming out of the ground in a random courtyard in a remote part of campus. It's so peaceful back there, and it's one of my favorite spots on main campus.

B: I decided at this point to record every fountain I pass on my way to and from physics. This is the fountain in front of the engineering school. I've walked through this one.

C: People playing Frisbee in between Memorial and Ashe :)

D: The awesome twisty, knotted, huge canopy trees all over Coral Gables.

E: The area around fountain #3 - palm trees and more twisty trees. Very pretty.

F: Fountain #3, in the "Humanities Courtyard," as I think of it.

G: Random party thing at the business school being set up. Lots of tables and chairs, etc.

H: At this point, I realized I passed four fountains on the way to and from class. It's a tad ridiculous how many fountains are on this campus.

I: The canal, at low tide. Home to many pipefish, egrets, ibises, herons, weird Florida ducks, and the occasional manatee. Awesome spot.

J: Last, but not least, the very sketchy Behavior Medicine Building, that's made of concrete, always dark, and no one ever comes in or out...

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